Friday, April 30, 2010

House update

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the immediate interest in our slow going blog! I must say, in my defense, I had every intention of posting pics that night, but, naturally, my ac adaptor for my computer died that night! I'm on my mom's computer but my replacement adapter should arrive next week, so look forward to pics then!

In the meantime, just to give a quick update...We are officially NOT moving back into our home in SC. PA folks...don't start celebrating! SC fans, don't worry. We officially signed a Rent to Own contract that has renters coming into our house immediately following our current renters in June/July. We are scheduled to close on our house (selling it to the new renters in 2 years at an already agreed on price!) It's OFFICIAL!! God is SOOOO good!! It's the best financial decision for us! We still are planning on moving back down to Columbia this year to rent unless God dissuades us:)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As with all things that I procrastinate on, I finally reach a point where I must tell myself, "it doesn't have to be perfect! just do it!!!" This is where I'm at. It's been over 20 months that I've been telling friends and family that a blog is coming, and it finally is here...naturally, in the midst of about 5,000 other changes we're making in our lives!

....for all of you we don't talk to on a regular's a snapshot of what's been going on...

We moved in to my mom's 2 bedroom townhouse in early February in an effort to aggressively work on our ridiculous debt that we've put ourselves into. Since then, we sold one car (my CR-V), have paid off our Civic and are looking to sell that ASAP to further reduce debt. Since January, we have reduced our debt by 27,000+ (!!!) by making these drastic changes and adopting an almost bare bones budget (truth be told, we could lose a couple more pounds:) We have a long way to go, but are finally on the right track!

Asher has adjusted better than us, I think, and is absolutely fitting his name perfectly! (Asher=happy, blessed). Other changes in the past few months include: getting rid of both of my dogs (first Mabie, then Sydney...both went to very loving families in the Carolinas:) and have acclimated very well), cloth diapering (except at night), consigning, dieting (Ian has lost 15 pounds! and I only have 5 lbs to prebaby weight!), whole food eating (less pantry, more fresh...think quinoa and kale!), and overall life organizing. I'm sure I must be forgetting things...

I am excited for things to settle down, but afraid that won't be anytime soon...I don't know what the next several months will look like. We're now trying to figure out what is happening with our home in SC. Are we moving back in? Are we renting to own? Selling? These are the decisions we're facing THIS WEEK! We are planning on being back in SC by September, whether it be in our home or a rental, but are trying to be committed to waiting on the Lord for His timing. (I wish I could proudly say that we are 100% committed, but each day it feels like a battle)

If you will, please pray for us that the Lord will give us wisdom and peace to wait for it.

fft: (yeah, I'm making that for thought...I think I might have one on every or often posts)

My two favorite quotes right now come from my mom's little daily calender she keeps in our (shared) bathroom:

"It's easy to have a balanced personality- just forget your troubles as easy as you forget your blessings."


"A true opportunist is one who, when finding himself in hot water, decides he needed a bath anyway."

(Looking forward to posting pics later tonight)