Thursday, September 23, 2010

philly's please touch museum.

in early August, my cousin Megan treated (and it was an absolute treat!) Asher and I to an amazing place called the Please Touch Museum. It usually costs so much money, and when you see how many stations and play areas they have, you can understand why. Here's about 1/2 of the stations that we spent time in!

the "mad hatter phanatic" (the phillies' mascot is the Philly Phanatic)

starting out right...

part of the garden

How cool is this kid?

Did anyone else wake up early on Saturday morning like a nerd and have some drawing lessons with Captain Noah?....just me?

I was so excited!

a construction site!

they had a huge alice in wonderland area.

water play area

don't ask me how, but Asher marched right into this tree trunk and informed me he was going to build a fire! (there's a neighbor boy who plays with sticks...maybe from him)?

this was in the music area...everyone made a different noise

"tree chimes"...

three little bears...

my brilliant son

yes, I do understand that I'm one of those moms who thinks her child is a genius...but maybe I'm right...
and yes, we do love naked time (something about being innocent and free for children, plus it's an excellent potty training idea!)

summer naked time fun.


The blue jumping guy

So, the day that we were coming home from South Carolina, we were driving on 95 and had to pull off at an exit in NE Philly. There was one of those huge, inflatable "jumping guys" as Asher now calls them...a blue one with flailing head and arms. A couple of days later, (actually, while I was working on my last blog post:) he told me he was going to "build something." I "engaged" him in conversation ( still staring at the computer and pretending to be very interested, like a good mom...) and asked, "oh yeah? what are you going to build?" To which he responded, "blue jumping guy." It took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about, since we hadn't mentioned him since we saw it and explained to him what it was. As Bela pointed out, the interesting thing about his "building" is that he had a point were he announced he had finished, it was something he really was working towards...all the while, attentive mom is on the internet...He proudly declared, "I did it!" I turned around and found this...

Am I just an in-love mommy or is this seriously cool?!