Monday, November 14, 2011

a visit from mamadukes aka grandmadukes.

We had a lovely visit with my mom this weekend. Her flight arrived on Thursday night and we dropped her back off at the Columbia airport tonight. Always emotional to say goodbye. Unfortunately, I was sick all weekend and just wasn't my extraordinarily fun self. My mom was more than willing to give my boys a lot of extra loving while I rested some:) Ian and I got to go on date night while my mom tackled bath time with two! We all enjoyed church and got to introduce mom to a lot of our new friends there, followed by a yummy authentic thai buffet for lunch:). Today, we spent just a short time at the zoo, but it could not have been more beautiful! As you can see, Asher and Grandma enjoyed feeding the giraffes while Emerson watched from the stroller (that was, in fact, his very first time pushed in a stroller). I usually wear him in a carrier, but on account of my coughing/hacking all over him...I opted to let him enjoy a different kind of ride. And he sure did.

I guess the more kids you have, the more "takes" are needed in getting a good one. Mom, you did a great job for each;)

Thanks for the visit mom! We loved having you! Wish we lived closer!!

an asher requested photo shoot.

A lot of the time, I feel like Asher is just putting up with me and all of my picture taking. (Poor kids who live in the digital age...people weren't as snap-happy when they faced the price of film and development.) but then, every once in a while, he'll know that a great opportunity for pictures has arose and will say, "mommy, I want you to get your camera." I don't know what I'm more proud of...his great, helpful attitude or the photographer intuition in him;) Emerson was just laying on the floor while I was putting away clothes, and Asher set this little photo sesh up all by himself!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Greenville part 2

This was the first night we got there, Ian's birthday, right after dinner. Just thought I'd throw this one in here because I actually look decent. And then, nights with Emerson in the hotel happened...

I know that these two are blurry, but this was right as we split ways with Ian for him to head to his men's retreat. Asher has been missing him so badly the last couple weeks, saying (multiple times throughout the day)...."I want daddy right now." This is not an emotional kid usually, so it makes me want to cry (I am the emotional kid). It will only be for 2 days. We've definitely lost him for longer than that before, but not on weekends....right after three weeks of being away....we miss you daddy! Come home!..but have a great time;)

awesome building right next to our hotel. home of starbucks, awesome restaurants and an apple dealer...note awesome apple sign. Wow...I need to find more superlatives. No wonder Asher saw a ton of awesome things on this trip. Way cooler when he says it though.

Asher has been very excited about the movie The Lion King, so as soon as we saw this poster, he preceded to talk about it every time we left the hotel. One day we were driving remotely near this building, and he said, "I see a ma-ane," like, for me to guess what he's talking about. He wanted me to take a picture of this to remember it!

this boy was quite a trooper always just being along for the ride. Sometimes awake, often asleep. hmmm....maybe that's why he didn't sleep at night(his scratches by his eye were from separate times of crying in the night:(...(by the way, note the lack of pictures of me, who was living off of coffee and undereye concealer...)

the suspension bridge at Falls Park at the Reedy (river). it was also practically right behind our hotel. It swayed and moved when you were out in the middle. Asher is clearly not afraid of heights, but I, apparently, still am a bit.
Anytime Asher touched the side (metal) roping, I was like, "oh my gosh, asher...stop touching it. What if it breaks and you fall through." Poor child. I'm certain I confused him. I told him
that I was just being afraid..

Move to Greenville? Who's with me!?
"I AM!!!"

fyi...I LOVE the fall!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As most of you know, Ian started a new job on October 17, and this week will complete his three weeks of training at their branch in Greenville, new favorite city. It is ADORABLE! We came up to stay with him this week (that is, if he'll have us another night after Emerson was up all last night) since he's been gone so much AND he has a men's retreat THIS weekend in the Asheville, NC (my previously favorite city...well, they might be even) area. We got into town yesterday evening to spend a birthday dinner with Ian after a long day's work for him yesterday. We had yummy burgers at Carolina Ale House and both boys did superb (even after the long car ride). They had sports playing on about 8 big screen tvs, so it's no wonder all of my men were happy:) Today (after a looooonnnngggg night) Ian got up, turned cartoons on for Asher, got ready, and left while Emerson and I continued to sleep until 9:45! Well, that was the longest stretch of sleep we got all night. After a slow morning of getting around and no breakfast for any of us...we hit the town just after 11. It was more than another hour before we grabbed some food outside of a cute cafe. I must say, I am quite blessed that Asher can be such a trooper! Here are some (alot) of snapshots of our outing...

this is seriously right outside of our hotel...
Mr. Earl, here, kindly offered to catch that last shot...
back at the hotel "winding down" for naps;)

oh, and this also serves as his four month old (today!) photo shoot

this boy was ready for his nap!