Thursday, July 29, 2010

South Carolina

We just got back from our week trip to S.C. Ian had business and we all had a ton of fun catching up with friends, visiting fun places, and losing a couple of pounds from sweating in the ridiculous heat. We stayed with Kenny and Shari, and their almost 11 mo. old, Owen who is the most chill baby I had ever seen (since Asher:)

We got in to Columbia on Thursday afternoon. We shared an incredible dinner that Shari had made with them and our friends John, Anna, and their almost 11 mo. old, Sullivan. It was a blast. Friday, Ian and I were off by noon to Charleston for a business engagement I was able to accompany Ian for. It was so great to feel comfortable leaving Asher with friends that feel like family. Asher did great (minus an accident that went down their AC vent...sorry, guys:) I think Asher minded more than they did from the sounds of it, though...

Down in Charleston, we were living it up. We went straight to the Double Tree Hotel (which is so amazing, if you're unfamiliar, that they give you two warm, freshly baked cookies upon check-in that melt instantly in your mouth, YUM!), we talked and actually had stimulating adult conversation without interruption until Ian had to get ready for an appointment. I followed him right out of the hotel and walked 20 feet to the corner of Market and Church (right in the center of the town's historic marketplace) where I met up with my good friend, Katie (who also happened to be visiting Charleston:), her sister, and her beautiful 7 mo. old boy, Griffin, who I met for the first time. We spent some glorious time walking through the market and (window) shopping in some fun earthy stores. I then had to head back to the hotel to get ready for the evening. Ian and I were "hosting" (on the company) a dinner party at Peninsula Grill (which is where Ian took me the night he proposed:) I feel that in order to do that night justice, there would need to be a separate post. It was incredible. Before we headed back to Cola in the morning, we had an early lunch at one of our favorite little diners, Sweetwater Cafe.

We got back into town, met up with some friends at Katie and Oliver's for hotdogs and pizza. Later that night, back at Kenny and Shari's, the guys played a poker game, while the girls caught up over brownies:)

We were able to visit our church on Sunday and spend time with Caleb and Weston in the evening. Monday morning, my girlfriend, Keely took me and Asher as her "guests" to the Riverbanks Zoo. It was H-O-T but a lot of fun! Both of us forgot our strollers so the older guys (Asher 22 mos. and Eli will be 3 in October) walked the whole way, while Keely held Levi (14 mos.) in my ergo. He actually fell asleep despite all the sweating!! Asher and I got to relax in the pool later that afternoon with friends and babies back at "home."

For the most part, the rest of our trip was spent vegging and catching up with friends...oh, and me trying to not be the grumpiest person on earth every morning from staying up sooo late with Kenny and Shari (totally worth it). All in all, it was a great trip and the Lord definitely used it to be working on me. Thanks guys for the encouragement and the fellowship. We miss you alot! Thanks for making us feel at home!

Expert traveller ready for flight

Levi, Asher, and Eli are reunited.

They now have a kangaroo walkabout at the zoo where you literally get to walk in their cage with them. It was so cool. This guy was about 5 feet from us!

Asher said these guys were his favorite!

Always mine and Ian's favorite: the penguins

yes, we were sweating like pigs

Anna, Sully, Owen, Katie, and Griffin. Griffin is bigger than both of the other two and almost 4 months younger!

Some music lessons...

you can't help but rock out at the McWilliams'!

Dude time

After Owen, Asher is now ok with a baby brother (he talks about wanting a baby sister all the time, unprovoked, I promise!)

haha! This trip inspired Asher to keep talking about being in my belly before he was born. This one afternoon, in the middle of playing, he said he wanted to go back in my belly. I told him we could try...

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  1. LOVE these pics! We're so bummed we missed you guys. :(