Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Clearly, blogging is not my I am not the most social being, I am just now getting better at responding via electronic mail, and it can take me the better part of an hour to remember log-ins and upload photos. Furthermore, my personal computer is not working whatsoever and if you've read "all" of my other posts, you can imagine it getting fixed is not high on the debt reduction budget!!

With all that said, I am learning (with the help of the Lord via some dear friends:) that I may have some "control" issues and rather than having everything be perfect, I want to just share what I can, when I can, no matter how impressive it inevitably will NOT be!!

I have literally thousands of pictures on my computer (I'm using my mom's now) that are waiting to be sorted, uploaded and shared, but for now...a snapshot of some summer fun...well, a bunch of snapshots, actually...

Asher and his best friend, Landon, enjoying the first of the warm weather. A little lunch, a dip in the pool, rough life...

Celebrating Aunt Lydia's 23rd birthday (June 14th):

Pop-Pop and Asher playing with one of his many tractors in Wellsboro (June 17th)

Our week at the beach in Stone Harbor, NJ (July 3-10th):

my cousin Jade-I mean, seriously, a tutu bathing does not get much cuter!

I promise he was having a blast!

One of our walks into town. My cousin Verona is soo excited to be getting Springers' ice-cream...after-thought: white dresses+chocolate ice-cream=late night stain removal:)

And the biggest news of the summer: potty training!! A late night ice-cream potty party in big boy undies after his first success on the potty! Yay!

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