Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the big move.

Friday, March 4th, our movers loaded up our belongings from three locations and the truck was on it's way to SC by 11:30 am! On Saturday morning, we were on the road by 10 am, Ian and Asher in our little red Acura, and me in our Buick. By 11:30, we received a call saying everything was in our new home, beds set up and everything! It was a long day in the car with several stops, but by 10:40 pm, we pulled in to our new driveway. Our friends Kenny and Shari had come by and left a couple of lights on for us, as well as a "welcome to the neighborhood" note (there are literally 3 houses between ours and theirs), accompanied by a full plate of brownies and a six pack of beer in the fridge for Ian:) It was a very warm welcome after a long day!

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