Thursday, September 15, 2011

My little man turned three yesterday.

Asher's birthday started out alot earlier than most days. We had to be in Charlotte by 9 am, so we were all four in the van by 7:30 am. By the time we were getting in to Charlotte at 8:50, Asher was feeling "all done" in the car. These first couple pics were of his "I don't want my picture taken because I'm sleeping" attitude.

After we went to South Park Mall, we headed into downtown Charlotte and found a neat park with this cool thing. You could actually walk into it and there was a bench seat as part of it. Emerson just slept in the ergo while we walked around. Can you see Asher looking through the mouth?

He's pointing to this ceiling...
Emerson was starting to stir from me not walking, so we ventured on in this little park and found the coolest fountain where water came up from all these holes in the ground. At first, I asked Asher to only get his feet wet, but when I remembered that I brought him extra clothes, I thought, "hey, it's his birthday!" Unfortunately, I do not have "after" pictures of him soaked all the way through, but it was a blast! Definitely the highlight of his day!

Me and Emerson watching from the shade...
After splashing fun, and a quick change into dry clothes, Asher hung out in the van while I nursed Emerson...this was right after...

We then moved on to Ikea. We got there at 1 pm, so we ate lunch at their cafeteria first. He chose Swedish meatballs and apple sauce with chocolate milk. He sat at this kids table, while the movie "Up" played, which he's never seen before. This picture was taken before he was literally crying about spilled milk. It poured all over his meatballs, but Ikea gave us new ones:)! (Again, Emerson slept through this all in the ergo and I enjoyed Swedish meatballs, cream sauce, mashed potatoes, and lingonberry jam for 2.99! I love Ikea!) We finished Ikea with a free ice cream for Asher (which he had been looking forward to all day).

We made it back home by 6, opened some cards and packages that were waiting for him, ate dinner with Grandma (my mom) on skype, then "face timed" (skype for iphones) with Pop-Pop Rick and Aunt Lyd, opened some presents from mommy and daddy and Emerson, played a little, and went smoothly to bed! What a great day!

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