Monday, September 19, 2011


At the end of April, Asher and 7 1/2 month pregnant me were able to accompany Ian to Asheville for a business conference. The first night, the three of us were able to walk around the city and grab a bite to eat at an Irish pub. The next two days, Asher and I were on our own to tour and explore:)...

the first night:

at the pub:

After dinner, touring the city:)...
the next morning with mommy...

I am so glad that my son has the same taste in food as me. We went to this amazing little cafe, sat outside and ordered brunch. He drank OJ, while I had a half caf coffee. It was beautiful, sunny weather, until it was raining on us, and our food. with no warning. at all. from any clouds. Thankfully, our waitress helped me and my massive mid-section corral my son and delicious food to a spot just inside.
happy and dry once again...
I think he should advertise for Asheville. what a babe!

Having fun, passing time in Mast General Store. (I promise he was, in fact, having fun. this was his idea.)

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