Wednesday, November 2, 2011


As most of you know, Ian started a new job on October 17, and this week will complete his three weeks of training at their branch in Greenville, new favorite city. It is ADORABLE! We came up to stay with him this week (that is, if he'll have us another night after Emerson was up all last night) since he's been gone so much AND he has a men's retreat THIS weekend in the Asheville, NC (my previously favorite city...well, they might be even) area. We got into town yesterday evening to spend a birthday dinner with Ian after a long day's work for him yesterday. We had yummy burgers at Carolina Ale House and both boys did superb (even after the long car ride). They had sports playing on about 8 big screen tvs, so it's no wonder all of my men were happy:) Today (after a looooonnnngggg night) Ian got up, turned cartoons on for Asher, got ready, and left while Emerson and I continued to sleep until 9:45! Well, that was the longest stretch of sleep we got all night. After a slow morning of getting around and no breakfast for any of us...we hit the town just after 11. It was more than another hour before we grabbed some food outside of a cute cafe. I must say, I am quite blessed that Asher can be such a trooper! Here are some (alot) of snapshots of our outing...

this is seriously right outside of our hotel...
Mr. Earl, here, kindly offered to catch that last shot...
back at the hotel "winding down" for naps;)

oh, and this also serves as his four month old (today!) photo shoot

this boy was ready for his nap!

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