Monday, November 14, 2011

a visit from mamadukes aka grandmadukes.

We had a lovely visit with my mom this weekend. Her flight arrived on Thursday night and we dropped her back off at the Columbia airport tonight. Always emotional to say goodbye. Unfortunately, I was sick all weekend and just wasn't my extraordinarily fun self. My mom was more than willing to give my boys a lot of extra loving while I rested some:) Ian and I got to go on date night while my mom tackled bath time with two! We all enjoyed church and got to introduce mom to a lot of our new friends there, followed by a yummy authentic thai buffet for lunch:). Today, we spent just a short time at the zoo, but it could not have been more beautiful! As you can see, Asher and Grandma enjoyed feeding the giraffes while Emerson watched from the stroller (that was, in fact, his very first time pushed in a stroller). I usually wear him in a carrier, but on account of my coughing/hacking all over him...I opted to let him enjoy a different kind of ride. And he sure did.

I guess the more kids you have, the more "takes" are needed in getting a good one. Mom, you did a great job for each;)

Thanks for the visit mom! We loved having you! Wish we lived closer!!

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